Glad you've finally made it here. I can tell you're enticed as we as intrigued by my photos and are dying to see more. Welcome to my website ( designed by yours truly). Allow me to introduce myself... my name is Veronica Moore, a travel and dining companion based in the Toronto area. Words I've been described as is witty, sexily alluring, beautifully kind, and hilariously funny ( ok, that last one I describe myself as lol). Though we haven't met yet, I already feel as though I know you. You admire true beauty and understand though a gorgeous body does help, a beautiful mind is what will ultimately have you hooked and wanting more. Lucky for you I am able to provide both! allow me to be your seductive partner in crime for the moment, Open yourself to feel a state of complete and utter relaxation, as if it is only us two in the entire world. Though I do love speaking with you, I will have to cut this short and give you some time to have a look around my website, where you can learn more about me and my vibe. 

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