For Packages

If booking is cancelled 24 hours before meeting or no call no show takes place, your deposit will not be returned. If a booking is paid in full, cancelling 24 before you will receive a refund less the deposit cost for the particular package.

Paid plans (Arrangement Packages)

Arrangement packages are paid in full at the beginning of the arrangement. plan benefits are only valid during the plan. anything unclaimed will not be carried into a new plan. Due to this being an exclusive arrangement, if a refund request does  result for any reason, the amount of days in the arrangement will be subtracted as well as any date hours (300 for each hour).

Travel Packages

All travel bookings must be paid in full in advance. flight costs to your location and back must also be paid in advance. For bookings 12 hours or longer stay accommodations must be made as well. Bookings cancelled 48 hours or less will receive a refund less flight costs and deposit.

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